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King Truss is South East Queensland’s prefabricated timber specialist offering an extensive selection of timber products suited to your needs.

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King Truss supplies a wide range of high-quality timber and prefabricated timber products to builders and contractors across the Sunshine Coast.

Our focus on quality, service, and delivery has seen us become one of the largest suppliers of high-quality timber products in South East Queensland. 

Our modern factory is equipped with the latest CNC technology and our team of experienced designers can customise solutions to meet your specific project requirements.

If you’re looking for a trusted supplier of timber trusses, frames, cladding, or any other timber or pre-fabricated product, make King Truss your go-to supplier!

We offer a complete solution from design to delivery and our team of experienced professionals will work with you to ensure your project is a success.

King Truss Sunshine Coast - Local Prefabricated Timber Products and Hardware Supplier
Engineered wood floor joist on a new custom house framing floor joists

Floor Joist Systems

We offer completely-certified Joist timber floor systems from Australia’s leading suppliers and can offer you the best option for your next building, construction, or renovation project. Get a tailored quote from our team!

LVL Timber Rafters

We offer only the best quality LVL products to get you the perfect look. King Truss provides a fully certified design, including all fixtures and fittings.

Structural Pine / LVL / Glulam

King Truss stocks a full range of locally sourced and imported structural pine, LVL, and Glulam timber products and can assist you in deciding which products are best for your project. We can even order an entire pre-packaged floor system.

Structural Hardwood

Structural hardwood is ideal for Australia’s hot climate. This material is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice to ensure your projects stand the test of time. Choose from our wide range, including unseasoned hardwoods, or kiln-dried F27 products.


King Truss offers a selection of high-quality timber decking products. Whether you are after locally sourced or an imported decking species, we have the product for you. We also offer a range of composite decking options – contact us for a tailored quote based on your needs or project requirements.

Timber Posts

We stock a large range of timber posts, including Australian hardwood, imported Merbau, and Pre-Primed Pine. Our friendly team can even have your timber posts pre-oiled for you. 

External Mouldings

King Truss carries and provides a huge range of external mouldings and timber products, ranging from handrails and fascia through to slats, pre-primed timber beams and posts.

James Hardie timber cladding

Timber Claddings

We can supply you with a range of different timber claddings to compliment your next project. The King Truss team can even end-match products from your existing home style and aesthetic if you are looking to renovate.

Timber Flooring

Timber flooring can turn a house into a home, providing a seamless look and an earthy aesthetic. We can supply a wide range of timber flooring products that will give your home the perfect finish.

Landscaping Timber

No matter what your next outdoor project is, we can supply you with everything you’ll need; from the timber sleepers for your retaining wall, to timber fence railings and fence pailings.

Custom Timber Products

Looking for something custom? Speak with one of our timber product range experts to find out what else we can do for you, pertaining to custom timber claddings and timber linings.

Contact Us Directly for Your Timber Needs

If you need quality timber products for your building, refurbishment, or remodelling project, get in touch with our friendly sales team to discuss your specific hardware and building requirements.

King Truss offers comprehensive building solutions & a range of products to help you complete your project.

Your Timber Supplies, Delivered

As a leading supplier of high quality timber products and building supplies, builders and contractors rely on us for our commitment to providing high-quality timber materials and our exceptional delivery service.

With our own fleet of trucks and a dedicated delivery team at your disposal, we can efficiently transport timber products to your project site across multiple locations in Queensland. Whether you’re in Brisbane, Rockhampton, or Kingaroy, you can rest assured that your supplies will arrive on schedule, every time.

Our reputation as one of the largest timber suppliers in the region is built on the pillars of quality, prompt service, and timely deliveries. Make King Truss your building supplier of choice and experience the convenience, reliability, and excellence that have made us a trusted name in the industry. Contact us today to discuss your timber product needs. 

Your Timber Supplies, Delivered

King Truss is a leading supplier of high-quality timber and prefabricated timber products in Southeast Queensland, serving builders and contractors on the Sunshine Coast. Our commitment to quality, exceptional service, and timely delivery has established us as one of the largest suppliers in the region. Our state-of-the-art factory features cutting-edge CNC technology, and our team of skilled designers can tailor solutions to meet any project requirement.

For all your timber needs, including trusses, frames, claddings, and more, look no further than King Truss. Our full-service approach, from design to delivery, is backed by a team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring your project’s success. What’s more, we have our own fleet of trucks and a dedicated team to deliver all timber products to your project site across multiple locations in Queensland, including Brisbane, Rockhampton, and Kingaroy. 

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Building Supplies

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a diverse range of timber products, including floor joist systems, LVL and glulam timber, structural timber, timber decking, posts, internal mouldings, cladding, flooring and landscaping timber.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) are both engineered wood products, but they differ in composition and application. LVL consists of layers of veneer bonded together, offering consistent strength and versatility. Glulam comprises layers of solid wood glued for increased load-bearing capacity and aesthetic appeal, often used in architectural designs. They type of timber used will depend on your project’s structural requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Yes, our commitment to sustainability is a priority. We source our timber from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that our products meet sustainability standards, promoting both environmental conservation and responsible forestry.

Yes, we offer tailored timber services to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s custom sizes, finishes, or cuts, we can create timber cladding and timber lining products that align with your project’s unique needs.

Of course! Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in choosing the ideal timber for your project. We consider factors like intended use, durability, and aesthetics to provide personalised recommendations that ensure the success of your endeavour.

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We are an independent family-owned business that employs over 60 full-time team members. King Truss delivers with our own fleet of crane trucks, ensuring your project arrives on time, every time.

Thank you for choosing King Truss – your first choice for prefabricated timber products on the Sunshine Coast.

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As an independent, family-owned and locally operated business, King Truss takes pride in employing over 60 full-time team members. We are committed to delivering our promise of timely and efficient service by using advanced technology and a skilled workforce.

Thank you for choosing King Truss as your premier supplier of prefabricated timber products. We value your trust and look forward to serving you!

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