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We understand that having clear and concise information is essential to your experience. At King Truss, we are committed to helping you we are committed to helping you make well-informed decision!

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Whether you’re exploring our range of timber truss designs, seeking advice on installation, or navigating our services, our dedicated FAQs aims to provide answers to your most common queries.

At King Truss, we offer a wide array of products and building supplies to meet your construction needs. Our selection includes prefabricated timber frames and roof timber trusses, structural framing, external cladding, internal doors and mouldings, decking materials, hardware, and more.

Yes. With our own fleet of crane trucks, we offer fast, efficient and reliable delivery services across the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland. We deliver anywhere from Brisbane to Rockhampton and west throughout the South Burnett region.

Absolutely, you can place an order online or over the phone and choose the option to pick up your items at our location: 96-104 Fred Chaplin Cct, Bells Creek QLD 4551

Yes, we offer quotes to help you plan your project effectively. Our team is ready to provide accurate pricing information based on your specific product requirements. Contact us as [email protected] or fill out our form on our contact page for more information.

Our lead time for quoting and estimating depends on the complexity of your project. We strive to provide timely responses and will work to accommodate your project timeline.

Yes, we are committed to following all sustainability standards and practices. We offer a range of eco-friendly and sustainable building materials, including certified wood products and other environmentally conscious options that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting responsible construction practices.

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