Steel vs Timber Trusses: Why Timber is Better!

When it comes to building and construction, timber trusses are the clear winner when compared to trusses made from steel. Timber is a natural product that is sustainable to use in building projects and offers a number of significant short and long-term benefits that should be considered before getting started on your building project.

As the leading timber truss provider on the Sunshine Coast, King Truss use responsibly sourced wood that provides significant environmental and health benefits, not to mention all the ways it’s a better building material than steel.

Steel vs timber trusses: here’s why timber is better!

Timber trusses used in the building of a house

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Building Material

Timber is a natural resource, and when sourced responsibly – like we do at King Truss – it is a sustainable building material. The production of wood also uses much less energy than steel, giving timber products a significantly lower carbon footprint. Plus, wood removes C02 from the atmosphere and stores it in its cells – meaning that when you choose timber trusses, you’re helping reduce your own carbon footprint too!

The excellent thermal properties of timber make it an energy-efficient choice in the long run.  Timber is a great insulator, meaning that it will help keep your building warm in winter and cool in summer – reducing energy costs.

Flexible & Versatile Design Options

Timber is incredibly flexible and versatile as a building material, allowing you to create trusses that support any building design imaginable. This makes it an ideal resource for important building components like trusses and a feasible option for commercial and residential construction projects.

The versatility of timber means that you can design roof trusses to suit any theme or construction goal. Being a more compatible building material means you can also pair your timber trusses with the other construction elements of your build’s design seamlessly.

Modern interior with exposed timber trusses

Timber Trusses are Durable and Strong

Timber trusses are incredibly strong and durable, making them a great choice for construction projects that require strength and stability. As both a roof and floor truss material choice, timber options are reliable when it comes to structural support and longevity.

Thanks to advancements in wood treatments and conditioning, timber trusses are also termite resistant (and don’t rust) – making them a great choice for outdoor building projects that need to endure the test of time.

Top-side view of timber trusses

How Timber Trusses are Superior to Steel Trusses

When you consider all the benefits of timber trusses, it’s no wonder they are a superior choice to steel. Timber is an eco-friendly building material that offers great thermal insulation, and its flexibility and versatility mean you can create trusses to suit any design or construction goal. Plus, with treatments available to improve durability, you know your roof trusses and flooring will be able to withstand the test of time.

  • Timber is a sustainable resource
  • Timber reduces energy consumption
  • Timber trusses are highly versatile
  • Timber trusses offer great thermal properties and insulation
  • Timber trusses are strong and durable
  • Timber is cheaper to source than steel
  • King Truss’s timber trusses are prefabricated, saving you time and money and making delivery and installation simpler

Get Your Timber Trusses from King Truss

King Truss uses responsibly sourced wood from local suppliers that provide significant environmental and health benefits, as well as a steel-beating carbon footprint. Get in touch with King Truss today to find out more!

Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you might have when it comes to choosing the right timber truss option for your construction needs.

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